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( 021-586 3633/ 0813 8953 6746) LABERMAN PT- laberman@
( 021-586 3633/ 0813 8953 6746) LABERMAN PT- laberman@

Lampu Philips Explosion Proof 2x36watt-2x40watt-fluorecent

Our Chalmit Protecta used to be a Philips Explosion Proof, before acquired by Chalmit Lighting.

Protecta II Luminaire
Ex n Fluorescent
The Protecta Category 3 Ex n luminaire combines the strength and integrity of the Category 2 increased safety enclosure with the Category 3 lamp and control gear package used in the Sterling. The range is suitable for T8 tubular fluorescent lamps in the nominal 18W and 36W sizes.

Protecta is constructed using glass reinforced polyester ( GRP) and polycarbonate which resist saline and other corrosive environments. A key feature is the Protecta' s rugged duribility. This comes from strength of the enclosure combined with toughened mounting points together and the very high degree of ingress protection.

The Zone 2 luminaire certified Ex n with IP66/ 67 sealing for ignitable gas and dust applications. The ATEX Categories are 3 G and 3 D.

The simple design and ease of access to lamps and control gear means that installation and maintenance can be completed quickly and efficiently. The Protecta offers the facility of four cable entries. The standard range has electronic control gear and all emergency versions come complete with 3 hour battery duration.

Harga:USD 1.00 (nego)
Pesanan Minimum:1
Jumlah Pesanan: Tambah ke Keranjang
Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T)
Kemas & Pengiriman:standard packaging
Negara Asal:Inggris

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