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We provides a wide range of Ballistic/ Bullet-Proof Vest & Helmet and Ceramic/ Trauma Plates with protection up to NIJ Protection Level IV, granting their wearers total ballistic protection.
Mixed materials of Kevlar, Spectra, Twaron, and Gold Shield variants are applied to produce a thinner, softer, lighter and more flexible, but incredibly strong, and has excellent ballistic protection capabilities of body armor!
Various models and sizes available and can be ordered, such as ; Concealable/ Covert, External, VIP/ Executive, and Custom.
5 year warranty for the armor material and one year for the cover from purchase day.

Our principal has been wellknown for many years in supplying Police and Military units, also the wide range of legitimate Civilian needs for Body Armor;
- business or property owners who must provide their own security.
- high-profile individuals, such as politicians and celebrities, who are the recipients of death threats.
- attorneys in emotionally charged cases ( e.g., divorce, child custody, etc.) , judges, prosecutors, process / subpoena servers.
- homeowners who have suffered burglaries or home invasions.
- restaurant / bar owners who must make late-night cash deposits.
- business owners who must carry large amounts of cash for payrolls, purchasing, auctions, bank deposits, etc.
- jewelry store owners or couriers who must carry valuable merchandise.
- security guards and armored car personnel.
- ATM repairmen ( whether or not the ATM is empty, the criminal doesn' t know...) .
- crime victims or witnesses who fear retribution from criminals, and their accomplices victims of stalking.
- private boat and yacht owners ( piracy has made a comeback on the high seas) .
- executive protection personnel / bodyguards.
- Embassy personnel overseas.
- executives traveling abroad / corporate travellers.
- war correspondents, journalists and photographers in hotspots.
- citizens with relatives overseas in dangerous countries.
- private investigators, bail bondsmen and bail enforcement agents.
- debt collectors or auto repossessors.
- Concealed Carry License holder.
- etc.

Available in level of protection :
* Level II
* Level IIIA
* Level III
* Level IV

KEVLAR is a product of DuPont, USA
SPECTRA/ GOLDFLEX is a product of Honeywell, USA

! Please CALL US directly for further details and pricing.
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